About Us

Salt Pond Pottery is the collaborative work of Jon and Ashley Baylor. Working out of their rustic, home studio in coastal Rhode Island, the artist duo began Salt Pond Pottery as a way to transform their passions into functional art for others to enjoy.  Each piece they design and create is intended to be woven into the fabric of daily life, whether it be sipping coffee, enjoying fresh cut flowers, or plating a meal to be shared with loved ones,  the goal is to invoke a moment of reflection and to elevate the everyday experience.

Before Salt Pond Pottery, Ashley and Jon both studied art in college. Jon went to Syracuse University and Rhode Island College, where he studied Illustration and Art Education. Jon then went to work for potter Jay Lacouture and spent time as his apprentice at the Carolina Pottery.  He currently works at the Jamestown Art Center as Ceramic studio manager and instructor.  Ashley grew up primarily as a painter but then by college she discovered her love for clay. She studied ceramics at the California College of the Arts in Oakland. The couple initially met surfing and discovered they shared a passion for clay, and a collaborative relationship was formed.

From their studio, they hand work porcelain and stoneware clays into beautiful pottery for the kitchen and home. Inspired by nature, every piece blends geometric shapes, organic elements, and colors, that are an homage to their time spent in the ocean.